Pastor Cody

Meet Pastor Cody Parman

I’m a small town pastor here in beautiful Marietta, Ohio. By God’s grace I have a wonderful Jesus-loving wife (Amanda) and 3 amazing boys (Nolan, Emmett & Reese). I can’t recall a time in my life when I wasn’t a part of a local church. Early in my childhood I was a part of a vibrant children’s program in the Church of God denomination. Due to various family circumstances in my life I went on to attend both a General Baptist church and a Cumberland Presbyterian church during my junior high & high school years. Into my college years I attended both an American Baptist church and a nondenominational church. Upon answering a call into ministry I went on to serve fulltime for 10+ years in the American Baptist denomination though I received my ministry degree from a Methodist university, ha!

All in all, I’m a denominational mutt. It’s only fitting that I now find myself leading a reformed nondenominational church with the Acts 29 network. Though secondary doctrinal issues divided the various churches that I found myself growing up in, I found that God sovereignly used each of these small town churches to speak truth into my life. God managed to use each and every one of those avenues to teach me truth about him.

First of all, I’ve learned to look to the Bible as the ultimate guide for life and doctrine, it needs to be the highest court of authority to every believer. Secondly, it’s through the authority of Scripture that I have learned Jesus is the only hope for humanity. Christ’s life, death, resurrection and ascension provide the only path to reconciliation with God for His rebellious creation. Thirdly, I’ve experienced that this relationship is personal and not just some vain pursuit of biblical knowledge. Finally, it’s through God’s truth in His word and conviction from a personal relationship with Him that I feel the Christian responsibility and privilege to proclaim the Gospel to the world.

I’m grateful to God for my small town church experiences. I understand that God uses this means to advance His kingdom all over the planet. By His grace alone and for His glory alone I pray that His kingdom would advance here in this small town.

For the King,

Cody Parman