On November 23rd we're starting a new teaching series through the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes!  This peculiar book will have you experiencing the complete gamut of human emotion.  The feelings expressed in Ecclesiastes are raw, real and at times will leave you scratching your head in despair.  In fact, due to the perplexity of its content many over the years have wondered why this book is even in the bible.  

     However, it's that same raw existential thinking that resonates with the philosopher inside all of us.  We'll spend 14 weeks in Ecclesiastes pondering everything "under the sun" to contemplate its reason and meaning.  Believers and nonbelievers alike, especially atheists, simply cannot help but appreciate the realness that unfolds in pages of this book.  

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     Below, as always with any Journey teaching series, is a list of resources that have been and are impacting me as well as a teaching schedule for the next several months.  

Kidner ECC 1.  The Message of Ecclesiastes, Derek Kidner:  If you want a short and sweet commentary to use as a devotional during this series (which I find many of you do because you're amazing) then this may be the one you're looking for.  With only 110 pages you'll quickly get to the nitty-gritty of what Ecclesiastes is all about, a perfect daily read to complement your time in this book.


Bartholomew ECC 2.  Ecclesiastes (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms) , Craig Bartholomew:  I'm really excited about this particular commentary on Ecclesiastes and anticipate it being one I reference often.  Craig Bartholomew (MA, Potchefstroom University, PhD, Bristol University) is the H. Evan Runner Professor of philosophy at Redeemer University College.  


Luthers Works 3.  Luther's Works (Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Last Words of David 2 Samuel 23:1-7), Martin Luther:  I always like to consider a voice from the past and this go around Luther is it.  I became a fan of his over the summer while reading his vastly popular "Bondage of The Will" and it won him a spot in this commentary lineup.  


Longman 4.  The Book of Ecclesiastes (The New International Commentary of the Old Testament), Tremper Longman III: This is the top rated commentary on Ecclesiastes according to bestcommentaries.com.  This trusted commentary series will be a huge asset no doubt. 


Eswine 5.  Recovering Eden (The Gospel According To Ecclesiastes), Zack Eswine:  As with any verse-by-verse teaching series the goal is to preach the Gospel message that God would awaken hearts and His kingdom advance.  This highly touted read aims to assist the preaching of the Gospel while in this fascinating book of the Bible.


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Below is our teaching schedule over the next several months, please know that this almost always changes in real time, ha!

November 23rd - Part 1 - Ecc 1:1-11 - Ecclesiastes, Not What I Expected
November 30th - Part 2 - Ecc 1:12 - 2:17 - Striving After The Wind
December 7th - Part 3 - Ecc 2:18-26 - Toil Under The Sun
December 14th - Part 4 - Ecc 3:1-15 - Thank The Byrds For Teaching You Scripture
December 21st - Part 5 - Ecc 3:16 - 4:3 - To Dust All Return

December 28th - John Downs - Simul Justus Et Peccator (1 John 1:5-10)
January 4th - Chris Morris - Works Under Grace, Slaves Of Righteousness (Romans 6:15-23)

January 11th - Part 6 - Ecc 4:4-16 - This Is Also Vanity
January 18th - Part 7 - Ecc chapters 5 & 6 - It Lies Heavy On Mankind
January 25th - Part 8 - Ecc 7:1-14 - It's True, Difficult But True...
February 1st - Part 9 - Ecc 7:15-29 - I Have Seen Everything
February 8th - Part 10 - Ecc 8:1-17 - He Does Whatever He Pleases
February 15th - Part 11 - Ecc 9:1-18 - The Same Event Happens To The Righteous And The Wicked
February 22nd - Part 12 - Ecc 10:1-20 - Dead Flies
March 1st - Part 13 - Ecc 11:1-10 - Rejoice
March 8th - Part 14 - Ecc 12:1-14 - Recovering Purpose

Confident God's word will do its thing during this series, 



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