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Amos: Teaching Calendar/Resources

Don't let this book's position in the Bible fool you, there's more to Amos than you may realize. Amos is located in a section of your Bible known as the "writing prophets" or to label it as Jesus did "the prophets" (Matthew 5:17, Luke 24:27). Now typically when we think of Old Testament prophetic books the big-dogs come to mind like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel (the major prophets). Beyond those major prophets are twelve smaller prophetic books (Hosea - Malachi) known as the minor prophets, they're labeled "minor" ONLY because of the length of their books in comparison to the larger major prophets. In fact, the Hebrew Bible lumps all of these minor prophets into one book called "Book of the Twelve."...Keep Reading

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Ecclesiastes: Works Cited/Preaching Schedule

On November 23rd we're starting a new teaching series through the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes! This peculiar book will have you experiencing the complete gamut of human emotion. The feelings expressed in Ecclesiastes are raw, real and at times will leave you scratching your head in despair. In fact, due to the perplexity of its content many over the years have wondered why this book is even in the bible. ...Keep Reading

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February 4, 2015 by Cody Parman 1 comments

Helping those who have been hurt by the church...

I consistently rack my brain as to how I can better reach this element of the MOV, my heart truly breaks for them. Should I sit and listen to every one-sided story that grabs my ear? Should I show them some tough love and tell them to man-up and get over it? Perhaps there’s a balance there somewhere. I deeply want The Journey to be a place of healing to the unchurched. I know for that to happen we need to listen well and push these individuals to spiritually walk without a crutch again....Keep Reading

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February 4, 2015 by Cody Parman 1 comments

Fixing The Church

When I’m really wanting to be honest with myself, when I want to be productive towards actually helping people who have been hurt by the church, I need to openly admit that I contribute to what makes church unappealing, again I’m sinful. Seriously, I could tell stories for days about the atrocities committed by “believers” all while conveniently neglecting to follow those stories up with my equally sinful responses (the way I gossiped, slandered and bad mouthed them, or reacted foolishly). I wish I could claim my anger was always righteous but it’s usually just an outpouring of pride just like a high horse antichurch blog rant, I am what I dislike. To put it in the always clear words of Dr. Paul Tripp, “Sinners tend to respond sinfully to being sinned against.”...Keep Reading

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A Strange Path To Contentment In Ecclesiastes

Considering much of the content in Ecclesiastes I truly didn’t expect to find any contentment there. In fact, Ecclesiastes is built on the discontentment of Solomon’s life experiences so expecting to find words of comfort is just unreasonable. Upon examining life “under the sun” Solomon expresses that this world is infinitely messed up (Ecc 1:15), the more you know the more painful this reality becomes (Ecc 1:18) and in light of these realities “all is vanity.” Solomon’s preaching in this book isn’t exacting sunshine and rainbows, it’s the type of preaching you’d be tempted tune out. ...Keep Reading

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3 definitions that will help you understand Ecclesiastes

This is a short & sweet post to help you get started into Ecclesiastes. Here are 3 definitions will aid you in understanding this peculiar book of the Bible. ...Keep Reading

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You're Not Enough...

Nothing you’ve done in your past can reconcile you with a just and perfect God. Nothing you’re doing in your present makes you worthy to be called a child of God. You cannot concoct any sort of deed in your future that will convince God to love you. You may be deemed “good enough and smart enough” by your peers in this world but “gosh darn it” God doesn’t love you because of any of that (to distort the infamous words of SNL’s Stewart Smalley)....Keep Reading

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The Sola Series: Works Cited

The resources below are books that have read or I am currently reading in preparation for our upcoming series over the 5 Solas of the Reformation. In a nutshell, the 5 Solas were the mantra of the Reformation, which was an effort to return to biblical Christianity....Keep Reading

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Fall Plan For Journey Discipleship

It's time to get back in a rhythm, it's one of my favorite things about the fall! We have several opportunities during this semester of ministry to disciple and build community with people of The Journey Church. We know there are many factors for you to consider when choosing a group: geographical location, what's being taught, who's teaching, childcare, etc... With that said, below is a list of several opportunities to celebrate the gospel, live in community with other believers and grow in your knowledge of Scripture with our church. Shop around, contact the leaders and ask as many questions as you need until you find the right fit!...Keep Reading

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The Antichrist

When one thinks of Revelation often it is the iconic images of the Beast/Antichrist that pop into our head. The "Beast" is precisely the subject we've come upon this weekend in Revelation 13:1-10. He's been "identified" and talked about in every generation since Revelation was penned but what are the implications of the Antichrist? Come join the discussion of the First Beast this Sunday morning!...Keep Reading

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